12/04/2009 - How to convert videos for Sony Walkman NWZ in Linux Por: gerardo

My girlfriend has recently bought a Sony Walkman NWZ-E438F player. It is a nice device easy to manage from Linux without using any special tool or aberration like Banshee, Amarok, Rhythmbox, ...

Music is very easy to manage: when you plug the device into your USB port your computer detects it as a Mass Storage Device.

But video is not so easy: this player requires video files to be encoded in a specific way; and I don't know any tool easy enough for a non-advanced user.

So I decided to write a little shell script, based on ffmpeg, that converts any video dropped in an input folder, to the needed format and leaving the resulting video in an ouput folder.

Download from this link the automatic MP4 conversion shell script.

The first time you execute this script it will create the folder walk-video in your home directory. In this directory you will find the in and out subdirectories.

From now, if you want to convert some video you only have to copy it into the walk-video/in folder and execute the script. If everything goes ok it will be converted automatically into the out directory.

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